Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Opthamologist and Bath Time

I brought Brandon to the opthamologist this morning for his appointment. Still no plus disease so still no laser surgery. There is a little improvement in his eyes but they are still stage 2 with a little stage 3. That should start to improve soon. Usually it does by the time they should have been born but Brandon is past that date already. Sometimes they just take a little longer. He wants to see Brandon again towards the end of next week. The only day that he had available was next Wednesday so we go again then. Hopefully at that point they will be improved enough that we can space out his appointments a little.

I brought Brandon to the pediatrician yesterday because he sounded snotty. The visiting nurse told me that it is because of his reflux but I wanted to make sure. Dr. Sasson saw him and said his lungs sound clear. He told me to use saline drops many times throughout the day for the next 4 days and that should help to loosen everything up.

We gave Brandon his first bath in his new tub the other day. He outgrew the basin that we used to bathe him in the hospital. He seemed to like his new tub.

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