Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pulminologist Appointment

Brandon went to the pulminologist (Dr. Sembrano) for the first time today since being discharged from the hosital. He went for two reasons. One was so he could get his next RSV shot and the other reason was to see how he was doing with the apnea monitor. The nurse weighed Brandon when we got there and he weighed 7 pounds, 14 ounces. I am sure it is off a little because he had a diaper on (it was dry) and his onesie and the apnea belt. The visiting nurse comes tomorrow so I will have a more accurate weight then. Dr. Sembrano then came in and did an exam on Brandon. His lungs sound great and he was very happy with how Brandon is doing. He hooked him up to an oxygen machine to see what his oxygen saturations were and his sats were 99% which is great. Dr. Sembrano said as Brandon is growing so are his lungs which is helping him do well. He is going to keep Brandon on the two diuretics at least until we go back next month for the next RSV shot. I am allowed to take Brandon off of the apnea monitor when he is awake. The only time he needs to be on it now is when he is sleeping and if I am not in the room with him. It showed that Brandon is doing some periodic breathing but that should resolve itself eventually. He has not had any apnea episodes.

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