Monday, January 5, 2009

6 Months Old

Brandon is 6 months old today. I don't have a current weight and length on him. He goes to the cardiologist on Thursday so he will be weighed and measured then. I will post after that to let everyone know how big he is. I am guessing he is between 12 and 13 pounds. I have just started to pack up a lot of his 0-3 month clothes because they are too short on him and dressing him in his 3-6 month clothes which are actually fitting pretty nicely.

Brandon has been sleeping in his crib since New Year's Eve. He doesn't seem to mind it but he has been up more throughout the night than when he was in his bassinet. I am sure it is him adjusting to being in a different room and a different thing to sleep. Last night I heard him making noises in the middle of the night. He was talking to himself for a good half hour, happy as can be. He was waving his arms and kicking his legs. He managed to wiggle himself down to the bottom of his crib but he didn't seem to mind. His crib is at an incline because of his reflux so it is not too hard for him to wiggle himself down.

Brandon is drinking bottles that are made of half carnation good start formula and half neosure. He is doing really well on the carnation formula. I will probably switch him all the way once I see what he weighs on Thursday. Neosure is a preemie formula but since he has been gaining weight nicely I was told he didn't need to be on it anymore. A lot of babies on my preemie message board that I am part of have had stomach issues on the neosure and have been much better since being off.

Brandon has really found his hands this month. He is constantly putting them in his mouth and trying really hard to get his thumb into his mouth which he has not quite mastered yet. He also loves to play on his play gym and grabs the toys on it when he is playing. He has managed to roll from his tummy to his back 4 times so far and does great on his tummy when he tolerates tummy time. He really lifts his head well.

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