Monday, January 26, 2009

Pulminologist Appointment and Eating Bananas

Brandon had his pulminologist appointment this morning. Dr. Sembrano said he looks great. His oxygen sats were 100%. I asked Dr. Sembrano about Brandon flying on a plane in June for Brian and Laura's wedding and he said that would be fine. I also asked about him going to Yosemite since we have been talking about going there after the wedding and there is a higher elevation so I was not sure how he would be but Dr. Sembrano said it would not be a problem since his oxygen saturations have been good. I also asked when RSV season ends. I knew it was April but I was not sure if it was the beginning or end of April. He said March is the last month that Brandon will get his RSV shot unless there winds up being reported cases. So basically the beginning of April is the end of RSV season. After that I will be able to take Brandon out in public Dr. Sembrano said. He will still be susceptible to other sicknesses that are out there so I will still have to be careful but we won't be under house arrest anymore.

Brandon weighed 13 pounds, 8 ounces at the appointment. He got his RSV shot and screamed. He really hates getting them. After the appointment we went to the NICU to visit some of his nurses. We went to the special care area and one of the nurses was feeding a baby who was so small. Brandon started off smaller than the baby we saw. You forget how small they once were.

We set up Brandon's high chair yesterday. It is actually a seat that goes onto one of your chairs to make it a high chair. We fed him in it yesterday for the first time. He is doing better each day with eating. He seems to be starting to get the hang of it. Tonight we gave him oatmeal and bananas. He loved the bananas. We feed him until he starts to cry and then we stop. Right now the amount of food he is getting should not replace a bottle. It is just to introduce foods to him. Eventually it will start to replace some of his bottles.

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