Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Mommy

Hi everyone! My mommy's birthday was yesterday. She celebrated by taking me to the pediatrician since I was still giving her a hard time drinking my bottles. I was drinking one or two ounces and then screaming when she tried to give me more even though I was still hungry. The pediatrician thinks it is still my reflux that is bothering me. She said she really can't do anything for it since I am already on maximum levels of reflux medications. Hopefully the prevacid will kick in soon so my reflux doesn't bother me as much. The pediatrician asked my mommy to give me a bottle when I was there so she could see the screaming that I do but I was a good boy and drank my bottle without crying.

After the pediatrician I had physical therapy. The physical therapist was very happy with the progress that I am making. I am starting to turn my head to the left more on my own. She said she will start seeing me every two weeks since I am doing so well.

Grandma and Grandpa Newman came over for dinner last night for mommy's birthday. They ate Olive Garden to go with mommy and daddy.

For mommy's birthday present I slept last night from my 10:00 bottle until 4:30. Becky talked to my mommy yesterday and said that she had been swaddling Logan with his arms in and he had been sleeping through the night so mommy decided to try this and it worked well.

Love Brandon

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