Monday, December 7, 2009


We had to bring Brandon to the pediatrician yesterday because before he went to sleep on Saturday he had a 100.9 fever. I gave him tylenol and did his breathing treatment and then put him down for the night. Six hours later he woke up. I saw him sit up in his crib and thought he was reaching for a pacifier but then I heard a sound that sounded like a splat on his mattress. I woke up Stu and told him I thought Brandon had thrown up. We went into his room and he hadn't thrown up, he had spit up a lot of mucus. And he was sitting in his crib making a noise in his throat like he was trying to get up more mucus. I picked Brandon up and he felt really hot. He was also breathing rapidly. I took his temperature and it was 102.2. I called the pediatrician and she called back within a few minutes. She said to give him tylenol and to do a breathing treatment and to bring him to the office in the morning. We went in yesterday and saw Dr. O'Brien. He looked in Brandon's ear and saw some fluid but said it was clear fluid and he still didn't have an ear infection. He thinks that Brandon has a virus. They did check to see if he has the flu which he didn't. He has had both the seasonal flu shots and H1N1 shots so I would have been surprised if he had it. We just have to continue the xopenex until the cough is gone and then continue the pulmicort until Brandon goes back to the pulminologist in January.

Brandon has learned how to "talk" on the phone. It is really cute.


Heather and Travis said...

Hoping that he's feeling better VERY soon!

The Turner Family said...

I'm so sorry...poor little guy has had a rough month. We hope he feels better soon!