Thursday, April 2, 2015

Jenkinson's Transportation Trip

Wesley's class went on a field trip yesterday to Jenkinson's Aquarium. They learned about transportation over the past few weeks so they tied that into the trip. First the kids went on a school bus. It was Wesley's first time on a school bus so he was so excited. The school bus brought us to the train station. The kids then took a train to Point Pleasant where the bus picked them up again to drive them to the aquarium. Once we were at the aquarium they divided the class into groups and each group got a tour guide. After our tour of the aquarium we went across the boardwalk to eat. While we were in the aquarium the Easter bunny had come and left the bags the kids made at school filled with candy. The kids had to look for their bags. They then ate lunch. After lunch we went to the gift shop and then had a little extra time so the kids ran around on the beach. It was a really fun trip!

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