Sunday, April 12, 2015

New York Auto Show

We went to the New York Auto Show yesterday. Stu and I used to go together prior to having kids. Once Brandon arrived he started to go with his friend, John, every year. Originally he was supposed to go with John again this year. A few days ago John found out he was going to have to work yesterday so he couldn't go. So we decided to bring the boys this year. They had such a good time. There was a lot for them to do there.

We started off by driving to Weehawkin. There was a special deal that you could pay one price to take the ferry from Weehawkin and it included admission to the auto show which is why we left from there. It was a short ferry ride but the kids enjoyed it. We walked straight to the auto show when we got there. We saw some really cool cars at the show. Brandon and Wesley liked getting to sit in the cars and pretend to drive them. They also were able to build their own trucks for no cost which was a big hit. There was a wheel to spin that they won prizes and there were some video games and a pin ball machine for them to play. They also got autographs from former New York Mets/ New York Yankees player Lee Mazzilli. He was really nice.

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