Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Poem In Your Pocket

This past weekend the Ocean township schools had poem in your pocket weekend. Each kid was given a poem to read and there were approximately 10 merchants in town that they could go to and read their poem. They were then given a treat for reading the poem. The purpose was to celebrate Poem appreciation month which is in April and also to work on public speaking. Brandon had a great time reading his poem at the different places that we went. Wesley accompanied him and was right there next to or behind Brandon when he read his poem. One of the places gave Wesley a treat too which made him so excited. We went to an ice cream store that gave Brandon a lollipop, Kelly's hallmark which gave each boy a bag of jelly belly's and a little stuffed super hero, the library which gave Brandon a coupon for an ice cream sundae at Applebee's, the Caramel shop which gave him a piece of fudge, and Dough Co. which let him pick what kind of donut he wanted.

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