Sunday, April 26, 2015

Saturday Soccer Games

Brandon and Wesley both had soccer games yesterday. Wesley's game was at 9:00 so we all went to the beginning of his game. He was fine during warm up but then his team put their hands in the middle and said go team and Wesley was hysterical. He claims he got scared. He started the game but was crying so much that he had to come out for a little while. I finally got him to calm down but then as soon as he went back in he started to cry hysterically again. He was upset that he wasn't kicking the ball and also he said he wasn't fast. He played for awhile and then it was his turn to sit down again. Once he went back in his coach had him do a goal kick which helped him a little with his confidence. He was on the verge of crying the rest of the game but made it through without crying. Hopefully each week will get better.
Stu left Wesley's soccer game early to bring Brandon to his game. When Wesley's game was over, Wesley and I went straight to Brandon's game. We really only missed about 15 minutes of it at the most. Brandon played great! He has improved so much. He had some great kicks and did a great throw in.

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