Sunday, July 12, 2015

Another Busy, Fun Week

We had another busy but fun week. Brandon started rec camp this week so he has that every morning from 9-12. The bus picks him up right at our driveway each morning a little after 8 and drops him back off at our driveway around 12:30. He is excited to get to ride the bus since during the school year he can't because he needs to be at school early due to my work.

Stu's Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Charlie were visiting this week as well as his brother and sister-in-law. We went to Stu's parents house to spend a little time with them.
The boys made cookies this week.
They painted on the driveway with sidewalk paint.
We went bowling one day with Wesley's friend, Dominic, that he goes to school with and Dominic's sister, Deanna. One of the bowling alleys near us has free bowling for kids every day of the summer. You just need to sign up ahead of times and pay for shoe rental. The kids all had fun.
Brandon and Wesley ran their first half mile race. Wall Township Recreation has a summer running series. Every Thursday they have a kids 1/2 mile race, a kids 1 mile race, and a 5k open race. Brandon wanted to do the 1/2 mile race and Wesley decided right before it that he also wanted to. He didn't want to run it by himself though so Stu ran with him. Stu also ran in the 5k race. Brandon did an awesome job in the race. He pulled ahead of one of the kids at the end. His time for the 1/2 mile was 3 minutes and 35 seconds which was pretty good.
Yesterday Wesley went to his friend Ava's birthday party. He got to make Olaf out of marshmallows. Then Elsa came. Wesley mostly just watched because he said Elsa was showing the girls how to be princesses and he is not a girl. He did choose a cape to wear for a few minutes when Elsa was helping the kids dress up.
Stu and Brandon went canoeing when we were at the party. Thompson Park has some days that you can canoe for 15 dollars for 3 hours. They didn't go the whole 3 hours but did have fun.

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