Friday, July 3, 2015

Wesley's Birthday Party

Wesley's birthday party was last Sunday, the day after Brandon's party. We were planning on having the party in our backyard but a few days before I started seeing the forecast for that day which was not good. I searched for magicians and found one that I decided to book. I figured he would either do his show in our backyard if it was nice or at the firehouse (our alternate location)if it was raining. On the day of the party the weather was not nice so we moved the location to the firehouse. It wound up being a fun party. When the kids first got to the party they decorated pirate hats and treasure chests. Then the magician did his show. The kids all loved it! The kids then ate lunch and then we did a piñata. Wesley got upset because things had to be done differently with the piñata since we were indoors. He completely lost it when it was time to sing happy birthday after the piñata. First he didn't want the cake at the table, he wanted it where he was sitting. Then he didn't want everyone singing happy birthday. Then he wanted them to sing happy birthday but wanted me to blow out his candles. He also wanted his cake put back together and not cut for everyone to eat. He cried the whole time his friends were leaving and finally calmed down after they left. He said he had a good birthday though, despite the tantrum.

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