Saturday, July 4, 2015

Our Week

The boys had Silton again this week but we still managed to fit in a few fun activities after Silton on a few days. On Tuesday afternoon I brought Brandon and Wesley to the pool near us. They both had such a fun time. I was really able to see so much growth in what each boy was doing at the pool.
On Wednesday morning Silton had what they call a swim meet. Each kid there in age 5 and up got to swim in a race. Most of the kids in the 6 year old group, the group that Brandon is in, swam the width of the pool instead of the length of the pool. Brandon came in second place in his race.
On Thursday Brandon and Wesley went to the dentist. After their appointment we went to Chuck E. Cheese. Wesley had been asking to go there for awhile and earlier in the week I told him if he stopped crying at Silton then we could go. He stopped crying so we finally went. They both had a good time playing games and going on some of the rides there.
Last night we went to the fireworks that our town has. Wesley enjoyed playing with his friends that were there from the fire department. Brandon did not feel great so spent most of the time sitting in his chair playing my old I phone. I thought Wesley would do better with the fireworks this year since we had head phones for him but as soon as he heard the practice firework he got so worked up that I had to bring him to the car. So I missed fireworks again this year since I sat in the car with him.

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