Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Eye Exam and Abdominal Ultrasound

Brandon had a busy day. This morning we went to Dr. McNamara in Cherry Hill to see how Brandon's eyes were. Dr. McNamara said they have improved slightly from last week so he believes they will most likely continue to improve. He wants us to see Dr. Turtel on Monday next week because if Dr. Turtel feels they got worse then we can go back to see him in Cherry Hill on Tuesday.

This afternoon Brandon had his abdominal ultrasound at Monmouth Medical Center. This was to look at his umbilical hernia. His bowels are pushing into his hernia but there is good blood flow to it and it is not incarcerated or strangulated so it should be ok for now without surgery. We will have to keep a close eye on it and make sure it doesn't get hard or that Brandon does not start throwing up. Then he will need to have surgery immediately. If he does wind up needing surgery it is a pretty easy procedure. Brandon has his 4 month appointment on Thursday with Dr. O'Brien so I will talk to him then about the results from the ultrasound today and see what he says. It was actually quite annoying going to get the ultrasound. We got to the hospital and they told us we had to go sign in to the right of the escalator. When we went there they told us we had to go sign in at radiology. We went to radiology and she said we had to sign in where we originally were. We went there to sign in and nobody was there. Someone finally came back and signed us in but it took awhile and Brandon was starving by this point because they said he had to fast for 4 hours prior to the ultrasound so he was screaming.

After his ultrasound we went to the NICU to say hi. It was nice seeing the nurses there but none of his primary nurses were there. The nurses that were there could not get over how big Brandon has gotten.

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