Monday, November 17, 2008

Opthamologist and Pictures

Brandon went to Dr. Turtel this morning to have his eyes checked. Dr. Turtel said that Brandon's eyes have not gotten any worse since he last saw him. He said maybe they got a tiny bit better. He wants to see him again next week and then he feels he will probably be able to see him every 2 weeks until his eyes improve more and then he can go less frequently. The affected area is on the right eye and is not that big of an area. Dr. Turtel said if you look at a clock face it is the size of the distance from one number to the next. I asked Dr. Turtel what kind of problems Brandon might have when he is older and he said that babies that have had ROP are often near sighted (a different kind of near sightedness than we would experience) and/or have a lazy eye. Both are correctable. The near sightedness with glasses and the lazy eye with an eye patch.

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