Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Opthamologist appointment

Brandon had an opthamologist appointment this morning with Dr. Turtel. He said his eyes are pretty much the same as last week and that the raised area may be a little longer than it was before. He wants us to go back to Dr. McNamara in Cherry Hill next week since he is a retina specialist and see what he thinks. He still does not have plus disease which is what they do the laser surgery with but if Brandon's eyes do not start to get better laser surgery may be something that they want to do. Right now they are not a problem but we do not want the retina to start to detach from the eye. It could just be that Brandon needs to continue to be monitored weekly. We are going to Dr. McNamara next Tuesday so we will see after that if we need to continue to go to him a few times or if he is comfortable with us going back to Dr. Turtel. Dr. Turtel looked to see if Brandon is near sighted or far sighted and he is far sighted right now which he said is good. A lot of preemies who have or had ROP are near sighted so it is good that he is far sighted for now.

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