Saturday, November 22, 2008

Up All Day

Brandon has decided that he would rather be awake during the day then sleep. Yesterday he was awake for about 9 hours except for two 20 minute cat naps. He has been up all morning today too and finally fell asleep about 20 minutes ago after being awake for 5-6 hours except for a few cat naps. Here are some pictures that I took of Brandon this week. One of Stu's co-workers who does photography on the side came to our house on Thursday to take pictures of Brandon. I can't wait to see the pictures.


Beth said...

I feel your pain. Nora went through a stage like this - one day she was up from 4 am until 1 am the following night. And boy was she cranky. It definitely gets better (although she still doesn't sleep for more than 40 minutes during the day). I hope Brandon is at least sleeping at night for you!

Maria said...

Hi Karen-Brandon looks so cute, i am so glad to see he is doing well. How are you?