Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Eye Saga Continues

I brought Brandon to Dr. Turtel this morning for his appointment to have his eyes looked at. He looked at the first one and seemed happy with how it looked. Then he looked at the second one and said he was a little concerned. He then told me that the nerves have developed to the edge of each eye like they should. On one of the eyes there is a cluster of nerves at the edge and the retina is raised. He wanted us to go see a retina specialist this week sometime to get another opinion. He said he thought Brandon most likely would not need the laser surgery but he wanted it checked out. He gave me the names of two doctors who are both in Cherry Hill and told me he wanted Brandon to be seen this week by one of them. I called when I got home from the appointment and they were able to get us in today. Stu came home from work to go with us. He was working overtime for election day. Brandon saw Dr. McNamara who was in agreement with Dr. Turtel about the problem in the eye. He said it could wind up correcting itself or it may not. If it does not he will need laser surgery even though he won't meet the normal criteria for the surgery. He does not have plus disease and it is past the time when the laser surgery is normally done. It seems like if he does need to have it he would have it done on a Thursday and stay for 23 hours following the laser surgery. We are crossing our fingers that the eye problem will resolve on its own. I am nervous about him being intubated (on the vent) for the surgery.

Hershey also had a problem this morning. We woke up and his whole face was swollen. I called the emergency vet number since it was before hours and my in-laws had to take him to the animal hospital. The animal hospital was concerned that if we waited until the vet opened his throat could swell shut too. It turns out he was bit by a bug. He also has been biting at his front and back paws on his left side. I had him at the vet a week ago and they said it was nothing. Turns out he has a yeast infection on his paws. He is home now and looking much better. He had to stay at the animal hospital for a few hours because he had a fever initially so they were not sure if he would need iv fluids. What a day it has been!

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