Saturday, September 12, 2009

Busy Saturday

We had a busy day today. We went out to breakfast this morning at Amy's Omelette House with Bob, Sommer, and Sydney. Sydney is so cute with Brandon. She kept telling him to come over wherever she went and saying his name a lot. She will be 2 in November. It is so neat seeing how much more she can do then Brandon and knowing that in a few months he will be where she is now. Brandon had fun sitting on the lion at the restaurant (it is the kind you put money in and it rides only he didn't ride) and sitting next to Sydney on the shoe shine chair and sitting next to her in a high chair at the restaurant.

This afternoon Brandon went to get his first pair of real shoes. He is cruising so much now and so close to walking and now that it is getting cold out there have been some mornings where he has needed socks on his feet only he slips on the floor with socks so it was time to get him shoes. His feet were measured and he is between a size 4 and 5. Grandma Newman came with us and bought him his first pair of shoes. Stu and I also bought him a pair of Uggs for when it gets a little colder. He is one stylish baby.

Brandon had a bath tonight. He still LOVES the bath. He cries most nights when we take him out of the bath.

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