Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

We had a good Labor Day weekend. Yesterday we met Sara, her husband Evan, and their baby Marino. I know Sara from a preemie message board that I am part of and they were in NJ yesterday visiting some friends of theirs. We met them and their friends at the beach in Asbury Park. It wasn't a good beach day but it was really nice meeting them. Marino is 2 days older than Brandon but wasn't born quite as early as Brandon was.

We went to my parents beach house in Point Pleasant last night to see them, Brian, Laura, and Laura's parents who were visiting from California. All of us then went out to dinner. Brandon was really good at dinner, especially considering the fact that we didn't go to dinner until 6:30 and were there until 8:30.

Today we went to a barbeque at our friend Stephanie's parents' house. Brandon had a lot of fun swimming in the pool at their house and tried chocolate pudding for the first time which he loved. I put the plate down for a second when I was feeding him some pudding and he started to cry.

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