Friday, September 11, 2009

Ready for the Steelers Game

Brandon's Steelers jersey came yesterday so I dressed him in it after being at Becky's house for the day for the big game. He didn't make it up to see any of the game but he looked cute in his jersey.

Brandon had another good week at the babysitters although he definitely seems to be missing me more. He is okay when he is there but when he gets home he has been crying a lot more than usual, especially if I walk out of the room or if I try to hand him off to Stu at times. We had a really difficult time taking a picture of Brandon and Stu last night in their Steelers jerseys because everytime I handed Brandon to Stu he started to cry. He just wanted to be with me. I am sure in another few weeks he will be okay at home again.

Brandon said "mom" clear as can be yesterday. This morning when he woke up I changed his diaper and got him dressed and then he said "ba ba" for his bottle which he has never done before.

I am looking forward to spending the next two days with Brandon now that the weekend is here. On Sunday we have the NICU walk which I am looking forward to. Last year Brandon got out of the hospital six days after the walk so he was not able to do it with us so this year it will be really neat having him there with us.

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