Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Best Friends

Brandon LOVES Hershey. His new favorite thing is to lie on Hershey and relax and most of the time Hershey lets him. The other cute thing Brandon was doing tonight was when I was reading him a touch and feel book about kittens. On the first page there is a kitten that is fuzzy to touch. Everytime I read the book and Brandon saw that page he put his face on the kitten sideways. It was so cute.

Brandon is starting to finally sleep better again so I am assuming his ear is starting to feel better. Last night I did have to go into his room one time. He woke up hysterical but then found his pacifier and tried to go back to sleep on his own. He cried on and off every so often and then about a half hour later was hysterical again and just couldn't calm himself. The two nights before that I didn't need to go into his room. He did wake up once both nights crying but found a pacifier and went back to sleep on his own.

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