Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pulmonolgist Appointment and Early Intervention Evaluation

Brandon had a busy day yesterday. It started with an appointment with his pulmonologist, Dr. Sembrano. He hadn't been since the end of March but he will be going monthly again until April because he qualified for RSV shots again this season. We are so excited that he qualified because even though the shots don't protect against Brandon getting RSV they do make it so that it is a less severe case of RSV if he does get it. Brandon had to have two shots yesterday because it is based on weight. He was not happy about it. He cried for about 10 minutes after his shots. The RSV shots hurt more than other shots for some reason. I asked Dr. Sembrano about bringing Brandon out during RSV season this year. Our pediatrician said it was okay but I wanted to ask him too since he is the more conservative of the two. He said to treat Brandon like a normal baby. He said it is fine to bring him out anywhere and if we are at a restaurant to try to sit 3 feet from other tables. He said you can't replicate trips to the mall or restaurants and that Brandon needs that kind of stimulation now.

After his appointment with Dr. Sembrano, Brandon had an early intervention evaluation. Brandon's pediatrician had suggested having one done at his 15 month appointment since Brandon is not really saying real words, except for mama, Mom, and the occasional yum. He babbles a lot but with sounds. The early intervention team evaluated him in all areas. He scored at his actual age in social/ emotional development and in between his corrected age and actual age in cognitive development, self- help/ adaptive development, gross motor, and fine motor. I am happy about that because he is already starting to close the gap in some areas. He did score under his corrected age in speech. He is 3 months behind in receptive and 4 months behind in expressive. He was right on the border of qualifying since you need a 25% delay in two areas or a 33% delay in one area so they tweaked it so that he would qualify since he was so close. So Brandon will be receiving speech therapy at least for the next 6 months. We still have to meet with someone about it but most likely he will have it one time a week. I think it is really good that he will receive speech therapy before he falls further behind.

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