Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I think Brandon has had two nightmares this week. The first was on Sunday night and the second one was last night. Both nights he was sleeping soundly and then woke up all of a sudden hysterically crying. He couldn't calm himself either night and was so worked up that he was coughing. Each of the nights I have had to go into his room after 5 minutes when he is still crying hysterically and screaming. And he is also crawling from one end of his crib during the hysterical crying with lightning speed. Each time I have gone in and picked him up he has melted into my arms. He falls back asleep but when I try to put him back down he starts all over again. Both times it has taken about an hour before I can put him down without him being hysterical.

Brandon continues to walk. He hardly crawls anymore. He will on occasion but most of the time he is walking and getting really good at it. His balance is getting so much better. He can walk across a whole room now and catches himself a lot of the time before he falls. He is all over the house now and into everything even more now that he is standing.

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