Sunday, November 29, 2009

Relaxing on Hershey's Bed

Not only does Brandon like to relax on Hershey, he also likes to relax on Hershey's bed. He has been walking over to Hershey's bed all weekend and then he lies down on it and smiles. He also has been continuing to lie on Hershey all weekend and give Hershey hugs all weekend. His favorite part of Hershey to lie on is Hershey's tail.

We had a busy weekend. We went out to breakfast on Friday with Debbie, Rich, Ben, Zack, and Stu's parents. We then went to Stu's parents' house to hang out and eat dinner. Yestersay they all came to our house for breakfast and then we went out to dinner last night at Pete and Elda's which has the best pizza. This morning Stu, Brandon, and I went to Home Depot and Wegman's and then relaxed this afternoon. Stu's parents came over for dinner to help us finish some of our Thanksgiving leftovers.

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