Thursday, December 4, 2008

Early Intervention Evaluation

Two people from early intervention came to our house today to evaluate Brandon for early intervention. I had called them after our last pediatrician appointment to see if they would evaluate him after the pediatrician mentioned that Brandon prefers to turn his head to the right and that his neck seemed to be stiff and that he would probably need physical therapy for stretches. A physical therapist and speech therapist came to evaluate him and he did not qualify because he is not delayed. Everything is based on his corrected age (when he should have been born) and right now his corrected age is almost 2 months old (December 10th he would have been 2 months old). He scored between 2-4 months in all areas so he is where he should be and ahead in a few areas for his corrected age. I can choose to have him evaluated again down the road if I notice any delays. In order to be eligible he would have had to have a 33% delay in one area or 25% delay in two areas. He did not have any delays. Here is how he scored in each area:
communication development 3 months
cognitive development 3 months
social/emotional development 2 months
self-help/ adaptive development 2-4 months
gross motor 2 months
fine motor 2 months

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