Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Opthamologist and GI Doctor

Yesterday was a very busy day. In the morning Brandon went to Dr. Turtel to have his eyes looked at. He hadn't been in 3 weeks. Dr. Turtel said his eyes are improving but slowly. He doesn't need to see Brandon again for another 8 weeks and then he will probably just do an eye exam rather than pry his eyes open with the metal things that keep them open. He said babies Brandon's age get too big for that without putting them to sleep since they kick, scream, flail their arms, etc.

In the afternoon Brandon went to see Dr. Teitelbaum, the GI doctor. We originally had an appointment scheduled for February but there was a cancellation so he was able to see us yesterday. He increased Brandon's zantac dosage to 2 mL twice a day. He said you can't overdose on zantac and this way Brandon shouldn't outgrow the dose for awhile. He suggested two formulas that may help with the spitting up. I may try one. The carnation good start formula seems to be making Brandon extremely gassy and uncomfortable because of the gas so I want to switch him off of it. It only comes as a powder instead of a ready feed like he was used to. Someone mentioned to me that powder formulas cause more gas because there are more bubbles. Dr. Teitelbaum also told me to add 1 tablespoon of prune juice to each of Brandon's bottles to help with his constipation issues. I tried that yesterday and he really liked the taste of the bottles with the prune juice added.

The picture on here shows Brandon when we got back from our second appointment. He was wiped out.

Brandon finally slept better last night. The last 5 nights have been tough because of his reflux being so bad. He was up a lot throughout the nights but last night he went 5 hours straight and then went back down. He did wake up again briefly because of his reflux and to burp but went right back down again each time.

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