Monday, December 22, 2008

Pulminologist Appointment

Brandon went to Dr. Sembrano today for his next RSV shot. He let out a loud scream and held it out as usual. I feel so bad for him when he gets shots because they really hurt him. He was fine shortly after. Dr. Sembrano said that Brandon is doing really well. He was impressed with how active Brandon is and said that there have been no episodes on his apnea monitor. He is going to continue to be on the apnea monitor at night. Dr. Sembrano said usually around 6 months old he stops the monitor so I am guessing he will stop it at the next appointment in January but we will see. He is also still on his 2 diuretics but the dosase has not been increased since he came home from the hospital. He is weaning himself from them. Dr. Sembrano said when they run out we probably won't refill them this time. Brandon weighed 11 pounds, 12 ounces.

After his appointment we went to the NICU and finally saw Chris, one of Brandon's primary nurses. She hadn't been there the other times that we stopped by. The NICU has tons of picture holiday cards. They are taped all over the window for everyone to see. We sent one in so that was hanging too.

I spoke to Dr. O'Brien, Brandon's pediatrician, earlier. He said it is fine for Brandon to be on a regular formula now that he is over 11 pounds. So we started him on carnation good start tonight like Dr. Hudome suggested at the developmental clinic last week.

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