Friday, December 19, 2008

Rough Night and Pictures From This Week

Brandon had a rough night with his reflux last night. I had brought him to the pediatrician earlier in the week because everytime I would feed him he would start screaming and arching his back. This went on for 4 days. The pediatrician seemed to think it was his reflux getting worse. When she looked at his throat she could see the reflux. She changed his medicine so instead of getting zantac twice a day he was getting prevacid in the morning and an increased dose of zantac at night. I tried this Wednesday and Thursday. Last night Brandon woke up for his bottle at 2:30. I gave him an ounce and went to burp him and he threw up everything that he had drank. I gave him another ounce and the same thing happened. Every time I tried to lie him down after that he would gag but nothing came up. I called the pediatrician on call and he said it sounded like Brandon's reflux since he didn't have any other symptoms of a stomach virus. He said to stop the prevacid and to give him zantac before his first bottle this morning. It seems to really have helped doing that. Brandon has taken his usual 3-4 ounces per bottle every 3 hours today without spitting up more than a wet burp every so often. At 4:30 I finally thought to put Brandon in his bouncy seat to sleep so that he was sitting upright and he was fine until he woke up this morning. I did call a GI doctor. The soonest appointment they could give us was February 11th but we are on the cancellation list so the person that I spoke to seems to think he should get in the week after next week most likely.

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