Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Good News from the retina specialist yesterday

Brandon had an eye appointment in Cherry Hill yesterday with Dr. McNamara, the retina specialist. He was a little surprised that Dr. Turtel had sent us back to him. He looked at Brandon's eyes and said that it is actually looking a little better. He also said that he has never seen a baby that is Brandon's age need the laser surgery at this point. Babies by this age have already had the surgery because their eyes are bad enough that they need it. He said it just takes some babies longer for their eyes to get better than others and that they might not ever get all the way better but as long as the retina does not detach it is not a problem and it is not looking like the retina will detach. If it does he would be blind. Dr. McNamara said we can go back to Dr. Turtel and that we can wait 2-3 weeks before we go back to him.

I am bringing Brandon to the pediatrician in a little while. His reflux has been pretty bad. He cries horribly when he is burped sometimes and he has been spitting up a lot more lately...sometimes even projectile spit up which I have gotten quite used to wearing.

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