Monday, October 5, 2009

15 Months Old and Pediatrician Visit

Brandon is 15 months old today. He went to the pediatrician after I got home from work today because his nose has still been running constantly and he has a pretty bad cough. The pediatrician said he just has a cold and the cough is from post nasal drip. He doesn't have a fever, his throat isn't red, and his lungs sound good. I asked if he can go to the babysitter tomorrow and she said he can since he is not contagious. She also said to elevate one end of his crib at night when he is sleeping to help with his cough. I felt so bad for him. He coughed last night every 15 minutes but didn't cry at all. In between coughs he settled back down right away and slept. Brandon was weighed since we were at the pediatrician and he now weighs 20 pounds, 6 ounces.

Brandon has stackable rings that go on a peg. He has gotten really good in the past few days at putting the rings on the peg. He also has started to put blocks into things.

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