Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Watching Baby Einstein

I just bought a new Baby Einstein cd for Brandon that is ages 12 months and up since Brandon is going to be 12 months adjusted on Saturday. Brandon LOVES it. He smiles at a lot of parts in the video and even knows when they are about to happen just from remembering from other times when he has watched it. Yesterday morning and this morning Brandon was up earlier than usual and I had to get ready for work so I put it on for him to watch. When I walked into the room this is how I saw him. Do you think he likes it?

Brandon's cold is slowly getting better. We put his crib at an incline and that is helping with the coughing at night when he is sleeping.

Brandon started playing hide and seek with us a few days ago. He loves it. He gets so excited when he sees us after he hides. Brandon also took one step several times today.

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John and Heather said...

Karen, thanks for the message! I appreciate you letting me steal your did all the work for me! It's sad that we have to warn people about coming over but that's our reality! Brandon is too cute - I love that our guys are so close in age - too fun!