Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ear Infection

Brandon had his follow up appointment with the pediatrician today from last Wednesday. The good news is Brandon's lungs sound clear now so we don't need to continue the nebulizer treatments. The bad news is he has an ear infection in his left ear. This is the first ear infection he has ever had. The pediatrician was amazed that he has never been on an antibiotic before. We gave Brandon his first dose of amoxycillin last night and he liked it. I think it is the bubble gum flavored medicine that we had growing up when we got sick. The pediatrician also said to give Brandon tylenol before bed for the next three nights to help with the pain while sleeping.

The pediatrician also brought up the H1N1 vaccine. Three pediatricians from the group have now told us that they want him to have it. They won't be getting it at the office so we will have to bring him to someplace where it is offered.

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