Saturday, October 17, 2009

Still Sick But Getting a Little Better

Brandon is still not feeling all the way better. His energy level is coming back to normal. He has been crawling and cruising and playing with his toys all morning. He has had a fever on and off since Thursday afternoon. This morning it was 102.2 when he woke up so we brought him back to the pediatrician. He also doesn't really have an appetite. I have been getting him to drink some milk but not the amount he normally does. All he has wanted to eat today is some cheerios and puffs. The pediatrician listened to his lungs and said they sound great so the nebulizer is working. Brandon is so good about letting me do his treatments. He sits in my lap and watches The Wonder Pets when I hold the mask on his face for 15-20 minutes. Other than one of his treatments he has just sat and let me do what needs to be done. The pediatrician said his throat looks a little gunky. She is not concerned about him not eating. She said to try to get 20 ounces of fluid into him a day. While we were waiting to see the pediatrician I looked in Brandon's mouth and noticed that he has another tooth on the bottom cutting through. So he is teething on top of not feeling well. The pediatrician said he has bronchiolitis and the fever is either from that or from his MMR/ Chicken pox vaccine last week.

In other news Brandon was approved for the RSV shots this year. Out health insurance company called me yesterday and told me he was covered in full for the shots. We are so excited that he will be getting the shots again this season.

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Heather and Travis said...

That is awesome news about the shot! Terrific!

Hope that he is feeling better real soon!