Thursday, October 15, 2009

Nebulizer Treatments

Brandon made it 15 months without ever needing a nebulizer treatment. He had his first one yesterday afternoon. His cold that he has had for almost 2 weeks was not going away and was actually starting to get worse. On Monday night he started coughing a croup like cough and continued all day Tuesday and Wednesday at the babysitters so I called the pediatrician yesterday when I picked him up to see if I could bring him in again. I called at 3:58 and the phones shut off at 4:00 so I didn't expect to get an appointment for yesterday but they told me they had a 4:30 appointment if I wanted to bring him in. I am really glad I did. We waited for almost 1 1/2 hours before we even saw a pediatrician but once she saw him she wanted to do an RSV test and listened to his lungs and heard he was wheezing. She had me do a nebulizer treatment in the office which Brandon was not at all happy about. He flipped out when we put the mask on him so finally after about 5 minutes the nurse showed me that I can just hold the tube under his nose and give him the treatment like that. He was much happier with it being done that way and actually fell asleep in the middle of it. Brandon's RSV test came back negative (thank goodness!) and his lungs sounded a lot better after one treatment. She did send us home with a nebulizer and wants him to have 3-4 treatments a day for a week. He is on xopenex. I did a treatment last night once he fell asleep in my arms and then this morning when he watched Sesame Street. He actually let me put the mask on this morning without fighting it. Last night I just held the tube under his nose. I will do whichever works the best for him. Even not feeling well Brandon is playing and cruising around and all smiles.

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