Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Visit From Brandon's Cousin, Aunt, and Uncle

Brandon's Aunt Debbie, Uncle Rich, and cousins, Zack and Ben, came to visit today. They were in New York for a family function so they stopped to see us on their way home. We had brunch with them and grandma and grandpa Newman at our house and then they stayed to watch the Steelers game with us. Brandon had a lot of fun playing with everyone and was all smiles.

Brandon took 4 steps by himself tonight. He pulled up on Stu when I was in the kitchen getting his bottle ready and when I came into the living room I put my arms out for him to come to me and he took 4 steps. We then stood him up several more times and he took anywhere from 2-4 steps a few more times. Maybe walking without holding onto anything is in the near future since he proved he can do it.

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Priscila said...

how cute! looks like you had a great time !
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