Tuesday, July 5, 2016

4th of July Weekend

We had a really fun 4th of July weekend.

On Saturday afternoon two of Stu's friends who he has grown up with came over with their families. Brandon and Wesley had fun playing with Charlie Ann who is 4 and Natalia who is 3. All of the kids played outside in the backyard all day and we had a bbq.
On Sunday Stu, Brandon, Wesley, and I went to the pool for awhile. Brandon is a great swimmer and Wesley has gotten so much braver this year. He practiced his swimming without wearing anything to help him float and kept going under water to pick up the toy rings.

We then went to watch the Ocean Township parade. Wesley wanted to watch it but Brandon wanted to ride in the fire truck with Stu in the parade.
The parade ended at Palaia Park where the fireworks were later that night. We hung out with other fire department families and had a bbq with them. My friend, Nancy, and her kids also stopped by so we got to hang out with them for a little while too. Then we watched the fireworks. This is the first year ever that Wesley stayed and watched them. Usually he gets so scared that he makes me bring him to the car when everyone else is watching. He had on ear phones this year to block out the sound and that was enough for him to enjoy them.
Yesterday we went to see Finding Dory. It was such a cute movie! The Walton's were at the movie too so after it we went with them to Jughandle Brewery.
We then went back to the Walton's. The kids played together in the wading pool for awhile and then we had a bbq with them.

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