Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Wesley started camp last week. He is going to camp at the Tinton Falls Coop Preschool three days a week from 9-12 for three weeks. He really liked camp a lot last week. He was so excited to tell me about what he did there when I picked him up each day and separated from me okay. I wasn't sure how he would be since he only knows one other friend there and she was out sick the first two days but he did really well.
Brandon was at the rec camp last week. This is his third year going there and he just loves it. They bring them to different places every day or have a different activity for them to do. A lot of his friends from school go there too so he likes it since he gets to see them.

He is taking two weeks off from rec camp to try soccer camp and basketball camp. This week is soccer camp at Monmouth University. His first day was yesterday and he seemed to like it. He was definitely tired at the end of the day though. It is a big difference from rec camp because rec camp is just half day, soccer camp is 9-3. They were outside pretty much the whole time doing drills and playing the world cup (scrimmages). His trainers are players from the Monmouth soccer team.

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