Monday, July 25, 2016

Busy, Busy Weekend

We had a very busy, but fun weekend.

On Saturday morning Wesley went to his friend, Everrett's, birthday party. It was at Dorbrook and was a Lego party. First, the kids had time to play with the legos and build what they wanted to. Then the two people who came from Bricks for Kids showed them how to build the Empire State Building. The kids then got to do spin art on a lego base that spun with a motor.
We then went to see The Little Mermaid play at the Algonquin Theater in Manasquan. The cast did a wonderful job. There were some very talented actors in the play. After the play we got to meet a lot of the actors which Brandon and Wesley loved.
Brandon and Wesley spent the night at my parents beach house on Saturday night. Stu and I went out to dinner at 9th Avenue Pier. We saw this beautiful sunset when we were there.
Yesterday Wesley had his preK graduation party. It was at Fireman's Field. 35 families from his school were there. The kids had so much fun playing together and the fun bus also came for them to play on which they loved.

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