Sunday, September 28, 2008

First Night Home

Brandon's first night home went pretty well. Brandon woke up every 3 hours for a bottle and then went back to sleep. The only time he was up for a little while was after the midnight bottle when we were about to go to sleep for the first time. I held him until he fell asleep and then put him down in the bassinet and he slept. I did not get much sleep but Stu managed to sleep well in between each bottle. I kept hearing Brandon make his little noises all night. I am sure there will be several naps today when Brandon is sleeping.

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Beth said...

Karen! That's great - that's better than Nora did her first night home :) You get used to the little sounds and noises - it's amazing how active they are when they sleep. Definitely take naps when you can - I started hallucinating from lack of sleep early on because I was trying to do too much and not resting. I definitely learned my lesson. I hope you are enjoying having Brandon home.